About Us

Company Background

E2LINKS SDN BHD @ E2LINKS has succeeded as a strong business partner, providing the most complete Cybercafe Billing Management System. We are a commercial enterprise which furnishes both companies and individuals, aiming to provide to the customer an outstanding service, an excellent product variety and economical terms of trade with the assistance of a powerful team unit of employees competing for a common goal: their own benefit and the benefit of the company as a whole.

E2LINKS as a cybercafe focused business has been committed to research and development in cybercafe billing management system over more than ten years. E2LINKS is the core system platform produced with the welfare of cybercafe in mind using high end technical structure for banking and telecommunication industries to design and construct a large centralized model for its cybercafe Accounting Management System and E2LINKS 鈥淣etwork PLUS鈥.

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers, whose direct feedback helps to shape the direction and future releases of our system. We're all about providing quality software backed by knowledgeable and friendly pre-sales and customer support. E2LINKS spares no effort in providing a comprehensive service to include security, stability, and continuous innovation for the cybercafe industry. E2LINKS strives to adhere to cooperation and believes in a win-win business model. With a strong focus on the benefits and features of internet cafes, it has been highly recognized and strongly supported in the industry, establishing itself as the forefront of the industry norms. As a result, E2LINKS has been widely used nationwide as well as Asia and Oceania, providing a steady stream of core management power to the cybercafe industry through diversified developments.

You'll be glad to know that we're always pushing the limits of technology to make sure our software meets your needs and remains the most popular in its class.