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Update log

Date Subject Version Descriptions
05-11-2019 (Latest!!)

Client v9.6.1.29
  • APP booking client PC will change booked wallpaper immediately
  • Fixed login screen stucked
  • Fixed client pc not unlock after register temp user
  • Fixed after restart not auto login
05-11-2019 (Latest!!)

Billing System v8.6.1.52
  • APP booking client billing PC status will change immediately
  • Fixed QR login not respond and some failure error
  • Auto save client log in billing PC
  • Added relogin feature from "User View"
  • PC View auto select PC (Right click > New User > can directly register temp user to selected PC)
  • APP QR Scan Topup
  • Fixed local mode not turn to online when internet recorved
  • Others: Fixed some bug and improved system stability

Client v9.6.1.18
  • Support E2links APP QR Login & Booking
  • New Interface Client Menu
  • Fixed Login Frame Not Shown
  • Fixed auto shutdown time keep refresh
  • Fixed Client LAG & Heavy

Billing System v8.6.1.2
  • Place View Update (PC Icon Map)(Right click > New User can directly register temp user to selected PC)
  • Pacakage user can early topup new package extend time period
  • Support Windows 10

Billing System v8.2.4.1
  • Fixed Windows 7 Autoupdate

Client v9.2.0.956
  • QQ Antivirus Freeze E2links Client FIXED!

Client v9.2.0.649
  • Internet Explorer 11 cause no restart PC FIXED!
05-08-2016 Billing System v8.2.4.1
  • 1.Disable print report before off duty. View Photo
  • 2.Package code sort by number. Example 0-9 View Photo
  • 3.Product item name sort by alphabetical. Example A-Z View Photo
  • 4.Product sold record sort by date.
  • 5.Package not in time range will hidden.(For Time Limit)
  • 6.Reprint POS report.
  • 7.Change user information added I.Date of birth II.Race III.Contact View Photo
  • 8.Screen lock disable change PC
  • 9.FIXED different region language cannot search record.
  • 10.Product report price error FIXED.
  • 11.Auto close topup windows after topup. (Optional)
  • 12.Auto close topup windows in 15 secs after scan card. View Photo
  • 13.User point redemption add password protect. View Photo
  • 14.Click "Emergency Mode" will reconnect to "Normal Mode"
    (If internet recovered) View Video
  • 15.New Report Format. View Photo (Download Manual Patch)
25-02-2016 Billing System v8.2.3.8
  • Receipt print template updated for Malaysia GST implement.
01-02-2016 Client v9.2.0.648
  • Screen lock no restart FIXED!
09-10-2015 Billing System v8.2.3.776
  • Register added contact no. input.
  • Topup interface added contact no. view
11-08-2015 Billing System v8.2.3.775
  • Receipt print template updated for Malaysia GST implement.
  • PC Record added reprint receipt.
  • Product Management added reprint receipt.
12-05-2015 Client v9.2.0.646
  • Improved hack protection.
27-03-2015 Billing System v8.2.3.773
  • Receipt print template updated for Malaysia GST implement.
  • Product sales print button added.
05-02-2015 Billing System v8.2.3.771
  • Update IServerChain *Fix Change PC
15-09-2014 Client v9.2.0.644
  • Username full view FIXED
28-08-2014 Billing System v8.2.3.771
  • Improve emergency mode options
  • Emergency mode userview interface changed
31-07-2014 Billing System v8.2.3.76
  • Support Windows 7
  • Username length increase to maximum 50 character
  • Reprint shift report
  • Login Interface modified
9-5-2014 Client v9.2.0.643
  • Package insufficient balance no restart FIXED! (XP/WIN7)
  • Package insufficient reminder FIXED! (XP/WIN7)
  • Package last 5 minutes ADDED!
  • Send Message FIXED!
  • Package reminder option MODIFY!
  • I.Last 10 minutes popup reminder option.
  • II.Close reminder Added.
  • III.Force popup reminder option.
3-4-2014 Client v9.2.0.64
  • Member end of hour package no restart FIXED! (XP/WIN7)
3-3-2014 Billing System v8.2.3.74
  • Add NRIC Register.
  • Fix less 1sen bug.
  • Update Translate.