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Update log

Date Subject Version Descriptions
27-12-2019 (Latest!!)

E2B System v3.0.3.2
  • Fixed billing login name error
  • E2B client improved some translation
  • E2B client purchase history added discounted amount column

E2B System v3.0.3.1
  • Improved system stability and fixed some bugs

E2B System v3.0.1.1
  • New Interface of Billing System & Client Menu
  • Added Lucky Box feature
  • Added Rounding Adjustment feature
  • Added low stock reminder feature
  • Fixed front end inventory manage bugs
  • Fixed china discount calculation to internation calculation
  • Improve Translate

E2B System v2.0.2.7
  • Fixed Client Buy Error
  • Improve Synchronize Speed
  • Fixed Member Buy More Than 5 Items Error
  • Improve Translate
01-11-2017 E2B System v1.0.5.0
  • Fixed Inventory Error Quantity
  • Added Data Protect (Avoid Lost Data When Uninstalled or PC Issue)
  • Cybercafe Roaming & Report
  • Added Cybercafe Member Discount Promotion
  • GST Summary Report
  • Added Staff Commision
  • Added Item Redeemtion
  • Improve Translate
03-04-2017 E2B System v1.0.4.3
  • First Installer